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Reach 'Business Nirvana',
with our ddigital mantra:

"#1 Creativity is
seen in the numbers
(or isn't creativity)."
"#2 If the client
is not happy,
neither are we."
"#3 An idea is worth as much
as the results that generates.
Not even a dime more."
"#4 “CPL”, “CPC”, “CPA”…
We speak your language.
Leads, sales, results."
"#5 Measure, measure and measure:
you never get tired
of learning to sale even more."
"#6 Every dime is sacred:
specially, those that
our clients invest."
"#7 Everything that R.O.I.,
generates, provides confidence"
"#8 SEO, RR.SS., SEM,
e-Mailing, 360º...
If this adds, we know how to do it"
"#9 Moving from failure
to success in just five steps:
The Give Me Five Method."
"#10 We join creative
and business character:
we are businesstive."

Press on each # and relax:
You have already found the online agency.

Unimos creatividad y orientación a venta en nuestro mix digital

The yin

Israel Zaballa, experto en marketing online orientado a resultados en DDIBI

Israel Zaballa. Founding Partner.
As Managing Director and Partner of Directa&Mente, group in which DDIBI is included, he has design 360º marketing campaigns for important clients such as PEUGEOT, SAGE, ALMIRALL, MICROSOFT, ONO, SEGUROS RGA-CAJA RURAL, RED CROSS, etc. With a Degree in Administration and Business Management, Master's degree in Marketing (UPV) and presently in conversion process in #MIBER at ISDI (Institute for the Internet Development).

The yang

Cristina Larrocha, experta en marketing online orientado a resultados en DDIBI.

Cristina Larrocha. Founding Partner.
Expert on Marketing Online at ING DIRECT and JAZZTEL, companies at the forefront, due to their result-oriented interactive strategy. She has been responsible for Online Media, SEM, SEO, Social Media, e-Commerce, Web, Analytics, Mobile, etc. On September 2013, JAZZTEL reached the first position on the Internet ranking through an online marketing mix. (Source: Top of Mind IMOP).

We help you get results. As simple as that.

In order to do so, we work on the following areas of the ddigital mix:

  • # UX
  • # e-Commerce
  • # Responsive


  • # Funnel
  • # Analytics
  • # Dashboards


  • # SEO
  • # SEM
  • # Display
  • # RTB


  • # Landings
  • # Platforms
  • # Ratio


  • # Social Networks
  • # Blogs
  • # CRM Social


  • # Banner
  • # Rich Media
  • # Test


  • # Virality
  • # Integrated
  • # Gamming


  • # APP
  • # Mobile
  • # Multi-Device



STAGE 1 - Interactive Consulting >>

We will analyze all your ddigitales assets. Do you know if they are optimized in order to achieve the business objectives?
  • Corporate Site: UX, SEO Cookies regulation...
  • Measuring tools: Analytics, Funnel, Path to Conversion, Adserver...
  • Traffic generation: SEM, SEO, Display, RTB, Social Media Ads, Mobile...
  • Conversion: Ratio optimization, ROI, dashboards...
  • Online Reputation: Social Network, Blog...
  • Creativity: A/B testing, Banners, Landings, Rich Media, Video Banners...
  • Engagement actions: Inbound Marketing...
  • Mobile: App, Responsive

STAGE 2 - Actions' Road Map >>

Joint Reflection stage. After the assessment we get, we will create a tactical plan on specific actions to achieve your business objectives.
  • Where are we? Where do we want to be?
  • Creations of the Road map. Specific actions.

STAGE 3 - Launch of Actions >>

This stage is ddecisive. This is a stage to improve and to optimize. Your objectives are ours too.
  • Solutions in order to improve results.
  • Know how at different organizational levels.

STAGE 4 - Reporting >>

With the Give Me 5 Method, you will have different ddashboards for different organizational levels. You could know the ROI of each and every action taken, from the generation to the conversion.
  • Different dashboards with essential KPI's.

STAGE 5 - Maintenance >>

Continuous reviews on the tactical plan to ddetect and avoid any deviation on the set objectives.
  • Review of the tactical Plan.
  • Analysis of the level of achievement of the business objectives.
  • Action plans.

Las métricas online y las ideas creativas, unidas suman más

Creativity + Results:

Discover ddigital mix.

Until now, you had to choose: a creative online agency, a results-oriented agency, or both, if your budget allowed it. That was too difficult to coordinate.

With ddibi that dilemma does not exist any more. You can have an all-in-one agency. We call it, the new ddigital mix. It joins the business attitude with a spark of creativity in everything we do: SEO, SEM, RR.SS., MOBILE MARKETING, 360º CAMPAIGNS...

We are talking about conversion funnel, business KPI's, measurement tools, multivariate testing, ratio optimization. Numbers!

We are also talking about actions that generate engagement, differentiating strategies, emotions on the Web.… Creativity!

If you need to improve your online results,
I'm sure we will find the way to help you.

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